Profix E
Profix S

Profix™ Insulation Floor Panels

Profix™ insulation floor panels have been developed specifically for use with sand/cement screeded floors and liquid flow screeds incorporating warm water underfloor heating systems.

Profix™ Insulation Panels comprise a rigid thermal insulation material with either a Cross-Woven Aluminium Foil (Profix™ E), or a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Woven Split Film printed with a grid pattern (Profix™ S), laminated to the upper surface, providing a robust method of fixing the continuous pipework to the insulation using specially designed “U” shaped plastic staples secured into the insulation panel by means of a purpose made fixing tool. The staples are securely retained by the laminate material preventing the pipework from lifting during the screeding process.

Profix™ Insulation Panels are available in a range of insulation types and thicknesses.

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