Pre-grooved Insulation installed in a battened floor.
Pre-grooved Insulation installed in floating floor.

Pre-Grooved Insulation Panels

Pre-grooved Insulation Panels comprise a rigid thermal insulation material with radiused grooves of a specified diameter and pattern positioned in the upper surface. Aluminium heat diffusion plates are located into the preformed grooves and then the continuous pipework is pressed into place within the diffusion plates. No supplementary fixings are required as the process of pressing the pipework into the diffusion plates is sufficient to retain it securely in the correct position.

The choice of insulation material, panel thickness and the diameter and pattern of the grooves is bespoke to the client’s specific design and performance requirements.

Pre-grooved Insulation Panels provide a flexible, cost effective solution for Floating Floors, Suspended Timber Floors, Floor on Floor and Battened Floor systems.

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